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Casio G-shock


G-Shock is one of the collection of watches offered by a famous electronic equipment producer, Casio. It is designed to resist mechanical shock and vibration. And by the way, gshock is the abbreviation for Gravitational Shock. These accessories were primarily developed for sports, military and all the other activities that can be performed outdoors. The majority of these watches are digital, however, some of them combine the analogue mechanism with digital features. These watches are usually equipped with a stopwatch option, countdown timer and water resistance.


Casio watches


What is the idea behind the success of G-Shocks watches? First of all, they filled the demand for more durable watches. The first model, G-Shock DW-5000C could survive a fall onto hard surfaces from 10 meters and the battery was able to survive water pressure of up to 10 bar. Now, more modern models are popular among fire fighters, paramedics, astronauts, police officers, mountaineers and soldiers. Both men and women are satisfied with the watches that provide the most solid type of zapping: a buckle. Combined with a stripe, the buckle provides the safest and the most reliable construction that holds the G-Shock Classic at place. Simplicity and interesting designs make them the most sought wristwatches in the world. The offer of G-Shock watches includes the collections for men (Original) and for women (Baby-G).

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